Located in Zhangjiang High-tech Park , Shanghai , the building of Shanghai Tauto Biotech Co., Ltd. occupies a 2-hectare floor space and boasts a building area of 20,000 square meters. The total investment of the coMPany is RMB 60 millions. The coMPany is derived from the Shenzhen Tauto biotech, which was founded in Feb, 1999 at the Tsinghua Academe in Shenzhen. Echoing the enforcing of the policy of “focus the resources on the development of Zhangjiang”, the main body of the Shenzhen Tauto Biotech......                more>>





July 2007, TBE series HSCCC instruments, manufactured by Shanghai Tauto Biotech Co., Ltd., have become CE compliant.


Anagalide, SA and Tauto Biotech Form Partnership to Distribute High Speed Countercurrent Chromatography Instrument In Spain


P G ENTERPRISES and TAUTO BIOTECH announced a distribution agreement dedicated to promoting Tauto’s HSCCC instrument ......

  GE Healthcare
  Second Military Medical University
  The Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese ...
  Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  National Research Center for CRM , s
  Cherryinstruments ( Distributor in USA )
  The Liquid Phase Community
Tel:0086-21-51320588 / 51320577 Fax:0086-21-51320502
Email: [email protected] 滬ICP備 06235678 
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